• SEO & Google Listing

Can new clients easily find the location of your business?

Google for business program suite is particularly important for promoting business in local area. People will be able to look at Google maps to find your business location.

  • Responsive website design/ mobile design

We design websites that are optimized for smart phones. Our websites implies what is called a responsive design. Which means that the site displays correctly on the narrow screen of a mobile phone, as well on the Desktop screen. Every website created by Digital Spotlite is an extension of our brand and relationship with our clients and their brand and as such must adhere to quality standards. Its more than having any old website just because everyone else has one. It’s about having a great website that WORKS HARD to help grow your business.

  • E-Commerce websites secured via SSL

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) increases a website’s security and provides encryption of data and is recommended for all businesses with online presence.

  • Online Reputation Management

The understanding and influencing of the perception of an entity online, this entails ensuring that you know what is being said about you and you are leading the conversation.

  • Web PR

Public relations on the web, online news releases and article syndication promote brands as well as drive traffic to the sites.



The internet enables businesses to sell a huge range of products from fast moving consumer goods and digital products like software, to services such as consultancy. The experience the user has in discovering and purchasing can be considered part of the product the brand provides.


The prevalence of search engines and of shopping comparison websites made things easy for consumers to compare product prices across a number of retailers, thus makes the internet a market.


Distribution and markets no longer have to be dedicated by location. Simply by making their products visible online, the key is to reach and engage customers on the channels they are using- this is why choosing your digital tactics is vital. You want to engage your customers on their terms and not yours.


The internet as an entertainment and information medium, naturally lands itself to promoting products. The online promotional mix is the extension of the offline, but with some significant differences. The one online is tracked, measured and targeted in a far more sophisticated way.

A new P- People

This element speaks to examining the powerful human element that the digitally connected world permits: personalisation, peer to peer sharing, communities, and consumer centric organizations that allow people to participate in the brand story.


“Consumers are helping to craft the stories that define organizations”. ~Ntokozo Ntuli~