We strive to provide a service that is customized to each clients specific requirements, for their projects/business objectives. Whether your business is large or small, we will be happy to work with you.


To be an entity that is able to deliver service of excellence, quality service in relation to clients specified needs and requirements.


To provide contemporary solutions to challenges that our clients may encounter, and a professional touch of ideas and creativity.


We strive to exceed expectations of our clients, by serving with passion, working as a team and being transparent..



  • Website design
  • Email hosting
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Web Public Relations & copyright
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Google Ad-Words
  • Pay Per Click Advertising


  • Logo design
  • Business profile
  • Letterhead design
  • Social media header design
  • Business card design and printing
  • Email footer design
  • Invoice design
  • Stationery branding


  • Flyer design and print
  • T-shirt design and print
  • Pamphlet design and print
  • Corex board design and print
  • Cloth banner design and print
  • PVC banner design and print
  • Pull up banner design and print
  • Wall banner design and print


  • GIF promos
  • Video promos with [Music, voice over and graphics]


  • SEO & Google Listing

Can new clients easily find the location of your business?

Google for business program suite is particularly important for promoting business in local area. People will be able to look at Google maps to find your business location.

  • Responsive website design/ mobile design

We design websites that are optimized for smart phones. Our websites implies what is called a responsive design. Which means that the site displays correctly on the narrow screen of a mobile phone, as well on the Desktop screen. Every website created by Digital Spotlite is an extension of our brand and relationship with our clients and their brand and as such must adhere to quality standards. Its more than having any old website just because everyone else has one. It’s about having a great website that WORKS HARD to help grow your business.

  • E-Commerce websites secured via SSL

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) increases a website’s security and provides encryption of data and is recommended for all businesses with online presence.

  • Online Reputation Management

The understanding and influencing of the perception of an entity online, this entails ensuring that you know what is being said about you and you are leading the conversation.

  • Web PR

Public relations on the web, online news releases and article syndication promote brands as well as drive traffic to the sites.



The internet enables businesses to sell a huge range of products from fast moving consumer goods and digital products like software, to services such as consultancy. The experience the user has in discovering and purchasing can be considered part of the product the brand provides.


The prevalence of search engines and of shopping comparison websites made things easy for consumers to compare product prices across a number of retailers, thus makes the internet a market.


Distribution and markets no longer have to be dedicated by location. Simply by making their products visible online, the key is to reach and engage customers on the channels they are using- this is why choosing your digital tactics is vital. You want to engage your customers on their terms and not yours.


The internet as an entertainment and information medium, naturally lands itself to promoting products. The online promotional mix is the extension of the offline, but with some significant differences. The one online is tracked, measured and targeted in a far more sophisticated way.

A new P- People

This element speaks to examining the powerful human element that the digitally connected world permits: personalisation, peer to peer sharing, communities, and consumer centric organizations that allow people to participate in the brand story.


“Consumers are helping to craft the stories that define organizations”. ~Ntokozo Ntuli~


Any activity with an end goal [whether it’s winning war, building a city or selling a product] should have a blueprint in place.

Value exchange

It is important to identify the supporting value-adds to the brand promise that are unique to the digital landscape. What extras beyond the basic products and services do you offer to customers?

The internet offers many channels for value creation. However, the definition of what is “valuable” depends largely on the target audience, so it is crucial to research your users and  gather insights into what they want and need.

Content marketing is a process of conceptualizing and creating this sort of content –examples of value based content include a DIY gardening video for a hardware brand, a research paper for a business analyst or a funny info-graphic for a marketing company.


Objectives are essential in any marketing endeavour-without them, your strategy would have no direction and no goal or win conditions. It’s important to be able to take a step back and ask, Why are we doing any of this? What goal, purpose or outcome are we looking for?

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How will you know if you are successful?


Objectives needs to be SMART

  • Specific- the objective must be clear and detailed, rather than vague and general.
  • Measurable- the objective must be measurable so that you can gauge whether you are attaining the desired outcome.
  • Attainable- the objective must be something that is possible for your brand to achieve based on available resources.
  • Realistic- the objective must also be sensible and based on data and trends: don’t exaggerate or overestimate what can be achieved.
  • Time-bound- finally, the objective must be linked to a specific timeframe.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are the specific metrics or pieces of data that you will look at to determine whether your tactics are performing well and meeting your objectives. For example, a gardener may look at the growth rate, colour and general appearance of a plant to evaluate whether it is healthy. In the same way, a marketer will look at a range of data points to determine whether a chosen tactic is delivering. KPIs are determined per tactic, with an eye on the overall objective.


Finally, targets are the specific values that are set for your KPI’s to reach within a specific time period.

Here is an example of


  • Increase sales through the e-commerce platform by 10% within the next 6 months


  • Search Advertising
  • Facebook brand page

KPIs per tactic

  • Search advertising-number of search referrals, cost per click on the ads.
  • Facebook brand page- number of comments and shares on campaign- specific posts

Target per tactic

  • Search advertising- 1000 search referrals after the first month, with a 10% month-on-month increase after that
  • Facebook brand page- 50 comments and 10 shares on campaign-specific posts per week.

Tactics and evaluation

Many digital tools and tactics are available once you have defined your digital marketing objectives. Each tactic has its strengths-for example, acquisition [gaining new customers] may best be driven by search advertising, while email is one of the most effective tools for selling more products to customers.





SEO Customer retention and acquisition 

This is the practice of optimising a website to rank higher on the search engine results pages for relevant search terms. SEO involves creating relevant, fresh and user-friendly content that search engines index and serve when people enter a search term that is relevant to your product or service.

SEO has a key role to play in acquisition, as it ensures your organisation’s offering will appear in the search results, allowing you to reach potential customers. A site that is optimized for search engines is also a site that is optimized in retention.
Search advertising Sales, customer retention and acquisition
In pay-per-click or search advertising, the advertiser pays only when someone clicks on their ad. The ads appear on search engine results pages.





The beauty of search advertising is that it is keyword based. This means an ad will come up in response to the search terms entered by the consumer. It therefore plays a role in sales, acquisition and retention. It allows the advertiser to reach people who are already in the buying cycle or are expressing interest in what they have to offer.


Online advertising Branding and acquisition
Online advertising covers advertising in all areas of the Internet – ads in emails, ads on social networks and mobile devices, and display ads on normal websites.



The main objective of online advertising is to raise brand awareness online. It can also be more interactive and awareness on the internet. It can also be more interactive and appealing, as users can choose to engage with the ad or not. Online advertising can be targeted to physical locations, subject areas, past user behaviors, and much more.
Video marketing Sales, customer retention and acquisition


Video marketing involves creating video content. This can either be outright video advertising, or can be a valuable useful content marketing.





Since it is so interactive and engaging, video marketing is excellent for capturing and retaining customer attention. Done correctly, it provides tangible value – in the form of information, entertainment or inspiration – and boosts a brand’s image in the eyes of the public .
Social media Branding, value creation and participation


Social media, also known as consumer-generated media, is media (in the form of text, visuals and audio) created to be shared. It has changed the face of marketing by allowing collaboration and connection in a way that no other channel has been able to offer.




From a strategic perspective, social media is useful for brand building, raising awareness of the brand story and allowing the consumer to become involved in the story through collaboration. Social media platforms also play a role in building awareness, due to their shareable, viral nature. They can also provide crowd-sourced feedback and allow brands to share valuable content directly with their fans.
Email marketing Customer retention and value creation

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that delivers commercial and content-based messages to an audience. It is extremely cost effective, highly targeted, customisable on a mass scale and completely measurable – all of which make it one of the most powerful digital marketing tactics.




Email marketing is a tool for building relationships with potential and existing customers through valuable content and promotional messages. It should maximise the retention and value of these customers, ultimately leading to greater profitability for the organisation as a whole. A targeted, segmented email database means that a brand can direct messages at certain sectors of their customer base in order to achieve the best results.




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